The Anatomy of Roll Up Banner

February 15, 2021

Roll-up banners are a popular way to grab the attention of potential customers at trade fairs, events and in shop windows. It is important to understand that a roll-up banner shouldn’t be designed to sell anything to anybody. The purpose of the banner is to intrigue the viewer enough to make them want to find out more. Roll-up banners are also a fantastic way to passively raise brand awareness.

Brand Logo

Your logo should be the first thing that viewers see. Keep this right at the top of your banner.


Next, deliver a clear a concise message, think of this as a one-sentence elevator pitch for your product or service. How are you benefiting the customer?


Reinforce your main headline with a rich and relevant image. Make sure the image is high enough quality that it won't be pixelated on the large banner.

Short Description

Elaborate slightly on your main headline, but not too much. The trick here is to intrigue the reader and make them want to find out more.


Include your phone, email address, web address and social media links so that viewers can find out more.

roll up banner
The anatomy of a roll up banner

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